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Tagged by :icondespereaux-7: 
ò_ó -Stare intensifies

-Post 10 facts about yourself
-Tag 10 people
-Answer 10 questions
-You MUST make a journal! Don't comment your tag please!
Commenting instead of making journal is fine.
Also just don't feel obliged to do it.

10 Facts:

I like to make short sentences. When I write bigger stuff I always need to read and re-read and re-correct and...
Also I always spell beeing instead of being, and apfelsaft instead of apple juice, and I have no Idea why. 8U
I don't know if my english looks natural or just weird sometime.

I'm really quiet and barely express anything. I rarely talk about my troubles even on internet because I don't want to bother people with my stuff...
I find conversations are awfullly hard to start and there are some people out there I actually would like to talk with but I'm always afraid to bother and I overthink about what they will think.

My very first oc was a fucking paghocite stickman named Gre and he'd eat evreything. It was around 2008 I believe, I was like 13, and he was born accidentaly because I didn't draw a stickman properly. He was just supposed to be an angry person at first, now he isn't even human.
Sometimes I wish I'd re-use him because he was litteraly a beast. :u

I recently cleaned-up my room from everything that was too old and I didn't use in year. There was a lot of theme because usually I'd keep evertything because who knows when they can be helpful?
In one hand everything feels better around but on the other hand I think I threw away things I'd have actually kept. Including the very first drawings of Gre on a agenda so I could tell you exactely when he's born.

It takes me like 30 seconds to forget what I

I feel the urge to kill avery mosqiutos I see. I kill them single-handedly in-flight without the help of a wall or anything.
I act like a cat when I'm tracking them down.

In 2011-13 I left school to actually work, so I've been along with +20, +30 y.o people when I was 16-18, then I left again to go back to scholl along with 15-17 y.o people while I was 19-20. So I'm really lost about my age, sometimes I feel like I'm still too young and sometimes like I'm late and too old for other things and that's disturbing and I don't know anymore with what kind of people I should go along.

I've never been in a relationship, and most of the couple of my age I see look more like a contract between two persons.
Actually when I hear of what most boys of my age think I'm sometimes afraid love is commonly as I'd expect it.

I think this part of the meme is insanely long to fill.

10. I love maths.
And grammar too, grammar is like maths. I'm a grammar nazi sometimes.
But I understand nothing about litterature.
I'm a nerd. :I

Now answer these questions:

1. How are you today?
Fine, summer vacation started today.
Right now I've had one beer so I'm in a perfect mood for talking shit. :V

2. What is your favorite food?
I'll go with dry sausage. 
Salty things~

3. How often do you check your dA messages?
I've a chrome extension that checks them for me.

4. What is your favorite fictional character? (Not your own)
Black★Rock Shooter 8V
The one from the TV animation, with psychotic things.

5. Who is your favorite out of your own OCs and why? And please include a link to them!
There's not enough girls like Pepper in this world...

6. Where is one place you would love to travel?
More likely places where there are people I know but they're scattered all around the world.
Or one of these amazingly beautiful place I see sometimes on tumblr but I know no names.

7. What is the strangest dream you've had?
Long story short:
I ended up in a starfighter with Navarag incarnated in her oc Sha-kun and we flied through a building's tiny windows in order to save Summer-Santa who was taking a sun-bath in pants with vahinés waving fans, saving him I said, from another bigger starship which inside this short-ceilled room was about to crash on his pretty face, so we had to crash on the bigger straship first but in 3rd person camera mod so there was no risk for us to die when our ship exploded and this just makes no sense.

There was another dream where I found myself teleported to U.S at Des's place (ò_ó -stare intensifies more) but it still looked like my room and we were actually speaking english in my dream though I'm french, and I can't remember well but this felt weird when I wake up.

8. What is your favorite movie and/or book?
"Cloud Atlas" is really a beautiful movie. You gotta watch it.

9. What is something about you that we might not know?
I like tomboys better.

10. What is your favorite time of year?
Summer has mosquitos, winter lost its snow and his too cold...
I'm better with Spring and Autumn. I'm not bothered by the rain, I'll just wear a cap and then that's ok.

I tag:
:iconnhagrom: :iconaanzhen: :iconishtardragon: :iconloadriku: :iconjedni:
I only tag 5 people because I don't feel a lot of people would do it. :v

Here are your 10 questions:
I'm changing a few :v
1. How are you today?
2. How do you feel with your life in general? 
3. What is your favorite fictional character? (Not your own)
4. Who is your favorite out of your own OCs and why? And please include a link to them!
(If you don't have one, a friends or someone you watch/follow is fine)
5. Where is one place you would love to travel?
6. What is the strangest dream you've had?
7. What is your favorite movie and/or book?
8. Favorite video-game?
9. What is something about you that we might not know?
10. One random thing you'd like to say?
  • Listening to: Everything without any distinction
  • Watching: Youtube things
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Water
School kind of stopped for me but I'm not in holidays yet. For the next month i'll be working 'till 8pm but I'll have all my mornings off.
So if any of you have tips to wake up in the morning without feeling tired as hell so I can work on my stuff. :V
Hell, it's been since February.

In theory I'd be more productive in the morning if only I wasn't sleeping...
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Everything without any distinction
  • Reading: L'indomptable Evolution
  • Watching: Tiger & Bunny
  • Playing: Nope
  • Eating: Radishes
  • Drinking: Water?!? o_O

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